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direct mail

Want a fast and affordable way to get noticed in your community or a particular area? Then consider direct mailing. It’s a great way to increase exposure of your company in the community. Plus, all of our direct mailing efforts are trackable, so you know what kind of results your investment in direct mailing brings. From a single postcard to over 100,000, Partner Marketing has the flexibility and the tools to meet your direct mail needs.

Our customized, eye-catching jumbo 8½" x 5½" sized postcards have a 3% to 9% response rate in comparison to the traditional direct mailing which normally garners a mere 1% to 2% response rate. What’s the difference? Well, like all of our marketing and advertising solutions, Partner Marketing believes in only doing marketing that benefits you! Instead of charging you to mail advertisements to customers who are out of your service area, or not likely to be interested in your products, we implement advanced geographic and demographic filter options so that your mailer is sent only to truly “potential” customers.