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video production

Want to be a movie star? Well we may not be able to get you to Hollywood, but Partner Marketing can showcase your business with a custom, professionally created 1 minute long video. We pull out all the stops and have your video shot on location by a professional, local filmmaker in less than 90 minutes.

You can easily have this video incorporated into your other advertising and marketing programs with Partner Marketing such as:

  • Loading the video to your website
  • Creating a YouTube account and uploading the video to it
  • Creating a custom Facebook Fan Page, uploading the video to the page, and creating a hyperlink on your website to “like us”


Making a premium video is no easy feat, but we keep things simple for our customers at Partner Marketing.

  • We do the scheduling -- location, day and time.
  • Our local filmmaker will have a brief consultation with you and have the proper releases signed at your location.
  • The filmmaker finds the best location for interviews and conducts 15-20 minutes interviews.
  • The remaining time is used by the filmmaker to capture the different aspects of your company’s business.
  • The video is uploaded by the filmmaker for our review within 3 days
  • We review the video for quality assurance.
  • We notify you when the video is ready for review.
  • You review the video and we make adjustments
  • We release the video electronically once we have your approval
  • The best part – You own the video!


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