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Yellow Pages, User Friendly, and AT&T – we know you’ve had to deal with their representatives and their costly traditional marketing packages. But, with today’s reliance on the internet and mobile devices, the phone book and its ads do not have the customer drawing power they once did. Let Partner Marketing manage your advertising services with your local phone book provider. Our Yellow Pages consulting services help your business take advantage of the ad and phone book listing strategies that work and cut those that waste your money.

Most business owners feel nothing but immense frustration when dealing with these Yellow Page sales representatives. The contracts they provide often trap business owners into long lasting programs that they seldom understand. With 20+ years of experience in the Yellow Pages industry, we understand what your business needs, and we strive to achieve it! Like a knight in shining armor, we’ll come to your rescue. Partner Marketing will negotiate pricing, discuss placement, and manage the ad size and content of the ad with each Yellow Pages representative. Our services cover both print and digital products that these companies provide.