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why us

You might ask yourself, “Why choose Partner Marketing?” We think the better question would be “why not?!” Partner Marketing is the all-in-one advertising and marketing company you’ve been looking for with our professional websites, designs, online campaigns, and other media opportunities. We provide businesses large and small with all they need for successful advertising campaigns. Our marketing programs and services are customizable, so we can make them as unique as your business to better meet your needs and fit your budget. The combination of our highly qualified staff and our dedication to the customers we serve have made us a clear choice for your advertising and marketing needs.


Experienced In-House Staff

Surely you’ve heard the expression, “you’re only as strong as your weakest link.” Well at Partner Marketing there are no weak links! Our in-house employees are experts in design, marketing, and consulting services. With personal attention and prompt responses to all of our clients’ needs, we focus on results for our clients, which drive us to strive for the best in customer satisfaction. Partner Marketing makes it a point to keep expanding our team members and staff in order to accommodate the rising needs and number of our clients.

  • We have a team of professional web designers, led by our Chief Web Designer who has 9 years of experience in HTML 5, CSS 3, and JQuery.
  • Combining the best in art and technology, our amazing graphic designer has 22 years of experience with a multitude of print media advertising.
  • The editing, voice, and high quality HD videos offered by Partner Marketing couldn’t be done without our fabulous videographer who has nearly a decade of experience in this area.
  • We have a Search Engine Marketing Director who is a certified reseller of Google, Yahoo & Bing. He was previously given the 2008 Google G-RISE Award.
  • We don’t like to brag, but our Marketing Director is one of the best with over two decades of experience in the Yellow Page industry under their belt.

Here are a few reasons we believe you should choose Partner Marketing

  • We offer customized solutions for businesses of all types & sizes.
  • Our success is based on your success so we value positive results for your company as much as you do.
  • We keep our customers informed – we provide regularly scheduled transparent reporting so you can see the results you’re getting.
  • We don't require contracts.
  • We don’t subcontract.
  • Flexible billing/payment options.
  • Flexible seasonal budgeting and month to month budgeting (so you’re marketing during the time it’s most beneficial to you and your industry).
  • We have only trained and qualified individuals on our staff so we can get the job done right, quickly, and effectively.
  • We’re there when you need us! If you have a problem, we make it a priority. Once you let us know about it, we’re on a mission to get it fixed as quickly as possible.
  • We offer a FREE initial consult! Contact us today to see what we can do for you!
As a small business owner I just don’t have the time or the patience to deal with all the ins and outs that go into proper marketing. A weight was surely lifted off of my shoulders when I contacted Partner Marketing. They came up with a personalized advertising plan for my company that met my needs and stayed within my budget. They made sure that I had all of my bases covered from phone book listings to online social media.
Attorney in Akron, Ohio